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The Eastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Project (EAAPP) has its Origins from the Vision of the African heads of states that through the New Partership for Africa Development (NEPAD) set the Millenium Development Goals of halving hunger and poverty in Africa by 2015 through sustained economic growth of about 6 percent annually for 12 years. it also Called for greater focus on improving agricultural productivity and increasing the effectiveness of technology Generation and Dissemination. This reqiured identification of the Sub-sectors that had the greatest potential to drive growth and reduce poverty. That potential was noted to lie in commodities that have large production base and large growing demand in the region

EAAPP is designed to invest in regional approaches to agricultural research through supporting the strengthening and scaling up of agricultural research in Eastern Africa, focusing on Dairy, Wheat, Cassava and Rice.

Kenya was identified as the appropriate host for the Dairy Centre of Excellence due to its relative comparative advantage in the dairy industry in the region in terms of superior genetics, feeding technologies, animal health technologies and organization of farmer producer units along the lines of the successful co-operative movements. Kenya will be in a position to assist other countries in the region in the development of a robust dairy sector based on the smallholder model.

The implementation of EAAPP will complement Kenya Government efforts in making agricultural sector an engine of economic growth as envisioned in Vision 2030. This is so, because its development objectives and implementation framework have been synchronized with the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS) which is the agricultural sector strategy for achieving the Vision 2030. In addition, with optimized use of resources through elimination of duplication of research and also allowing spillovers from other participating partners in their areas of excellence to accrue to farmers in Kenya.

EAAPP will be implemented with the assistance of the World Bank over the period 2010 – 2014. KARI will be the lead implementing agency while Ministry of Agriculture will have fiduciary responsibility and coordination with other participating agencies